Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Quick Tour of The Fat Tabby Studios Booth!

With the first day of the Surtex Show over we thought it would be fun to share a tour of the booth!

There are some fun new Holiday Lines and Icons!

A few exciting lines for more of the everyday celebrations  :o)

And then some fresh ideas for birthdays!

If you have a minute to stop by, pick up a postcard, a handful of treats...

And say hello to Brady and Andrew! (who happens to have been behind the camera for the tour)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fat Tabby Studios is in New York!

It takes many months to plan and prepare for a trip to New York City, and when you are making that trip to attend Surtex 2012 it takes even more work and preparation! The final stages started this week as the booth was printed, portfolios bound, and bags were packed.

After a red-eye flight last night and some breakfast in Times Square, booth #364 is being prepped for the big day tomorrow! If you are in New York City and happen to be attending Surtex and the Stationary Show, please stop by and say hello!