Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surtex 2011 - Part 1

After months of planning, designing, plotting and a whole lot of coffee - we were so excited to head to New York for the official release of Fat Tabby Studio!

But it was definitely a journey we won't soon forget.  One year prior, Brady ventured out to Surtex 2010 to walk the show and get a feel of what to expect; if we were in fact going to dive in and join the talented groups of designers showcasing their masterpieces at Surtex. After 3 very productive days and a whole slew of contacts, Brady returned to Salt Lake City ready to jump in and start building his collections; but it wasn't till January of 2011 that we officially decided to participate in this year's Surtex, so the best was yet to come!

On the evening of our red-eye out to New York, there we stood with a binder filled with months and months of Brady's hard work.

What was originally planned out as 25 collections, slowly got whittled down to 13 of our best assortments, covering all major holidays, birthdays and some really fun boy and girl collections - including some solo images that were just too cute to leave out. Our binders were actually photo-book albums used for scrapbooking, that we managed to snag at a killer deal during a Robert's store closing event. They were black corduroy and held 12x12 plastic inserts (Note: the black corduroy, though sleek looking, loved to attract cat hair!!!).

Jolly Gingerbread Collection

We mounted all of our images and mockups on to black 12x12 sheets that slid perfectly into the sheet protectors that came with the albums. But despite it turning out to be a lot of work (and a lot of Epson presentation paper) we loved the look we achieved of grouping the collections together to give the buyers a chance to view all of the icons and patterns against each other.

Jolly Gingerbread Mockups

Brady also fashioned some pretty nifty digital mockups, using illustrator and photo shop, to show the potential clients what are fabulous designs would look like on their products.

So with binder in hand and enough clothes for 5 days we headed out to NYC with a lot of hopes and a ton of excitement!

Stay tuned for Surtex 2011 - Part 2: Setting up for Surtex

Saturday, May 21, 2011


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